Improving the Astronomy in Schools

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The workshops here are designed to cause the teachers to become knowledgeable and confident in their knowledge, using research-based pedagogical techniques. 

How the Workshops are Arranged

1. We will, of course, have an introductory chat with you on your needs.  We often recommend an anonymous pre-visit content questionnaire and a survey to determine concerns and topics that the teachers want to go over, in advance.. 

2. An appropriate set of lessons, covering the alloted time is created. These include correcting misconceptions. While teachers will often take back activities they can use or adapt in their classes, we proceed on the fundamental principle that we are hereto teach the teachers (in teacher workshops) so that they are more knowledgeable about the content than they have to be. All lessons are interactive, hands-on, full of content and useful pedagogy. 

3. A post-visit questionnaire and certificate of attendance can be given to document learning and participation. 

Costs vary with time, complexity of the topics and numbers of teachers.



To Arrange a Workshop

Email: tca {at ] toteachthestars dot NET

Phone: +1-404 702 8147

2135 Interstate Drive #130, Opelika, AL 36801

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