Welcome to the legacy website for the Journal and Review of Astronomy Education and Outreach, a peer-reviewed scholarly journal that ran in 2014-2105.  Three Issues were published, and all the articles are online here.  JRAEO published articles in Research, News and Commentary.

JRAEO (pronounced as Jay-Ray-Oh, or simply J-RAY for short) was published by Hermograph Press LLC, then in Marietta, GA and now in Opelika, AL.  JRAEO‘s editor-in-chief was Dr. Larry Krumenaker, and the Assistant Editor was Dr. Kristine Larsen, of Central Connecticut State University.


Articles on any topic relating to educating students or the general public about astronomy were of interest. This included areas of study often designated as astronomy education or space science education, as well as topics from allied fields such as physics, geoscience, math or history education, as long as the topic was found in an astronomy course or used to excite and inform people about astronomy. The subject areas included all grade levels–primary, elementary, middle school, and secondary level (in the US, the K-12 system)–undergraduate education (both astronomy majors and general education courses or other domains where astronomy could be included, such as exobiology or cosmochemistry), teacher education, graduate education, and informal or free-choice education involving the general public, including studies of the media (newspapers, social media, etc.) and dedicated facilities such as science centers and planetariums.